Over the last year a half, as the world shut down because of COVID-19, many have endured the devastating loss of loved ones, homes, and employment opportunities. While these things have drastically altered our lives, one thing remains; God still has a plan.

I believe that out of the stillness of distractions throughout the last year, God has birthed fresh ideas and business revelation, possibly to start new businesses within His people.

We’re entering into a new season of His favor to increase His Kingdom.

As we ponder this revelation, let’s consider the thread of consistency about what God says about business building.

Components God Looks For to Bless a Business

1 Kings 11:28, NKJV

King Solomon, distracted from His calling, was now partnering with his flesh. He noticed how Jeroboam functioned in excellence and put him in charge of the entire labor forces of the tribes of Joseph.

So many of us walk through life working the bare minimum and not striving for excellence. This becomes problematic when we partner with God while showing mediocrity in the work He has given us.

If you struggle with this, ask God to reveal where you’re giving Him the minimum and invite Him to help you give your best.

Genesis 39:1-6, NKJV

Joseph found favor with God by demonstrating an excellent attitude even in his captivity, an assignment not by choice. Slavery allowed Joseph to prove to God that he could be trusted and faithful in the circumstances he was called to. However, when we choose to have a bad attitude, God cannot prosper us.

The eyes of God are looking at you, no matter the assignment, and in verse 3, we see He’s always with us. 

As Joseph continued to be elevated in slavery, Potiphar’s house also increased. We can see that as we’re postured with the heart of God, He will make you and those connected to you prosper.

Daniel 6:3, NKJV

While in Babylon, Daniel stayed loyal to worshipping the one true God. He was esteemed with having a virtuous attitude.

Daniel didn’t convert to what was culturally normal. He considered the excellent ways of the Lord and stayed true to them. Because of this, he was over authority without holding a position in power, which was brought to the king’s attention.

I encourage you to rebuke the attitude of doing the bare minimum to get by. As we steward what God has given us, we’ll be found trustworthy, and God will reward us appropriately.

Let’s look at a few Proverbs about excellence:

Proverbs 22:29, NKJV

This verse in Proverbs calls us to rise to the capacity that God sees in us. 

Skill does not merely come from gaining education or training. Being skillful is demonstrating what we are capable of handling. As we excel in each assignment, God will reward us.

Let me encourage you not to stay content with where you are but to seek excellence!

Proverbs 10:4, NKJV

Those who are lazy with the bare minimum will become poor, while those who are excellent will prosper in wealth and position.

Proverbs 12:24, NKJV

Being hard-working will allow you to be in a position of decision-making while being lazy will result in being told what to do.

Matthew 25: 21, 23, NKJV

In the New Testament, we can see that Jesus is giving an assignment to all people; if we’re faithful in little, we can be found faithful in much.

The eyes of God look to and fro as to where He can show Himself strong in power and might. As we’re faithful in what God has given us, He will reward us with more to advance His Kingdom.

We must be personally responsible for doing whatever the Lord has called us to do. If we can’t do it in excellence, we won’t do it at all.

Here are some tips I have learned throughout starting and building my own business:

Seven Things You Need to Do to Start and Build a Business

One: Develop a Detailed Business Plan

Write your plan out and build it up. I would encourage you to brainstorm every person, tool, and idea you have and need.

Mistake: The biggest shortcoming of those who don’t succeed is having a poorly developed business plan.

Encourage: With proper goal planning, significant accomplishments can be achieved. Write out goals and critical steps to help you move forward in your business planning.

Two: Business Experience

If your business startup is something you’ve never done before, get out there and gain some experience.

Mistake: Many who begin a new endeavor with not much experience didn’t know what to expect.

Encourage: Gain experience and perspective by learning from someone who is already in the field. By connecting with other business owners, asking questions, and working in your desired specialty, you will gain the knowledge needed to succeed.

Three: Start Small and Grow

God’s Word encourages us to build little by little with mustard seed faith. As you begin to unpack your business plan, take individual baby steps toward the big goal.

Mistake: Many people try to start too aggressively and even go into debt to have the whole package all at once. Small beginnings help to build our character and prosperity.

Encourage: Grow it and grow slow! Develop and calculate the market need for what you are offering. This is where you can determine who your clientele is and target your marketing to them. Figure out who will benefit from your services.

Four: Financial Prudence

Financial responsibility is the most important and the hardest step.

Mistake: The most common factor in business failure is that owners don’t handle their finances properly.

Encourage: Develop a realistic and comprehensive budget that covers all expenses. A good question to ask ourselves is, “Can I afford it?”. As we surrender to a posture of prayer, we can depend on God’s financial leading. It is also essential to be wise by researching and planning expenses within your budget.

As we rely more on God and become aware of His will, He will show up and provide resources and supernatural provisions.

It is crucial to develop a budget that limits debt. A good rule of thumb is never to spend 100% of your income. By allowing yourself a cushion of at least 10%, you can give yourself a margin for unexpected expenses and opportunities to bless others.

The most important advice I can give is to make sure that you are tithing from your net profits. This heart posture allows the provision of God to move. Tithing is a core belief of the heart of God, so much that Jesus Himself did it

Five: Select Staffing

It is essential to hire those who are overqualified and can grow with the business in key positions. 

Mistake: Many business owners hire staff because they are available, not because they partner with the mission and vision.

Encourage: It is beneficial to hire on a staff that is overqualified for the beginnings of your business. This will allow them to remain qualified as your business grows and expands.

Six: Monitoring the Business

Make it a practice to consistently check on your measure of success and customer base as a business.

Mistake: If customers aren’t satisfied and there is no survey system in place, there will be a communication gap, which can cause a business to fail. 

Encourage: It is wise to implement a consistent survey of your service or product with your customers. This will provide the information needed to improve your business or remain steady with what is already in place.

Seven: Avoid Partnerships

The Bible warns against equal 50/50 partnerships (Amos 3:3) and partnerships with someone who is not a believer (2 Corinthians 6:14). 

Mistake: Equal partnerships produce equal discipline. The most common way I see God trying to get my attention is through my finances. If my priorities are straight, I don’t want to partake in my partner’s financial discipline.

Equal partnerships also produce divided authorities. By nature, someone will be considered the senior leader.

Encourage: If you are entering into a partnership, establish a senior partner. Not only is this Biblical, from Moses throughout the early church with Paul, but it will promote a healthy business boundary. 

Through constant prayer and steps of obedience, you can establish an effective business plan. Also, for some of you, God has birthed dreams and concepts in your heart, and you haven’t done anything with them. Let me challenge you to do something, go somewhere and create something with it!