In many circles of believers, it is common to hear someone say, “The Lord told me,” followed by some profound word or an act of surrender outside the safety of worldly standards. And if I am honest, you will rarely hear this utterance come from my lips.
However, as I was pondering, dreaming, and preparing for 2023, the Lord told me something profound that I want to share with you. He said, “In 2022, I showed you 2023 and all that I want to do.”
At that moment, He took me back to a sermon I preached on February 13, 2022, from the book of Joshua.

“Then Joshua commanded the officers of the people, saying, ‘Pass through the camp and command the people, saying, “Prepare for the provisions for yourselves, for within three days you will cross over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land which the Lord you God is giving you to possess.”’ “

Joshua 1:10-11, NKJV

Seasons of Transitions

We are entering a season of transition.
I chose to use the term season and not year because it very well could last more than a year; it may last less than a year. But however long it is, you can be certain that when God moves, you must be prepared to proceed with the cloud before you.
Throughout scripture, we read about transitions. And in any circumstances where changes are prevalent, people are moving from one location to another and from one element of life to another.

The Israelites transitioned from slavery to freedom.
Joseph transitioned from the pit to the palace.
Paul transitioned from being a persecutor to a preacher.
Elijah transitioned from being a student to a prophet.
Jesus transitioned from heaven to earth, from God to man, from Creator to creature, and from the cross to the right hand of the Father. And He will one day transition us from the earth back to heaven in His due season and time.
Truth be told, like those in the Bible, our lives are full of transition as well.
For most of us, that means God is moving us into a new physical dimension of life, from working class to retirement, childhood to adulthood, and single life to parenthood.
It also can also mean that you are moving up and transitioning into opportunities in your career and life that you didn’t have before.
From depression to joy, brokenness to wholeness, unemployment to owning your own business, dysfunction to functionality, and from defeat to victory
It’s a new season. It’s a new day. A brand-new anointing is coming your way.

Get Prepared

If you think an opportunity will come and you will have a stress-free space to prepare, think again!
I want to encourage you to get in position, posture yourself before the Lord, and prepare your heart, mind, and soul for what is coming.
I sometimes fuss at my beautiful bride, Trina, because when we go places together, she makes it a priority to carry two pairs of shoes. She does this because she has shoes that look good (but hurt her feet), and she has a second pair for comfort only. But that is not my biggest complaint.
She will wear the comfortable shoes to the event and switch into the pair that looks good upon arrival. But what I don’t understand is why wait until then to start changing your shoes; why not change well before we get there and just be prepared?
Don’t wait until the opportunity to get ready; prepare now!

Suddenly Blessings

What would happen if we had the spirit of anticipation about where God may be taking us?
How would things be different if we prepared and dreamt with Him in the process?
I have witnessed in my own life and with those close to me the method in which God likes to operate, and that is that He likes to spring things on us suddenly.
In His goodness, He provides sudden encouragement and plans, inviting us to take action. However, it is up to us what we do with it. Will we prepare for the blessing ahead in obedience? Or will we sidestep what God is asking us to do, resolving to prepare when the next step is revealed?
I encourage you to make a decision to step into the suddenly; take the class, go where He tells you to, and follow His illuminated direction.

Dream & Plan

I have seen the generous goodness of God in my life. And I know He will continue to bless me according to His will and glorious riches.
With that said, I am believing for a million dollars.
That’s right. When God blesses me with that small fortune, I have a plan on paper.
I encourage you to do the same. Plan with God how you will steward the dreams He has placed on your heart. Then, write it out and be intentional about implementing small steps in your life.
Joshua 1:11 is very specific about the plans of God’s promises. We know that the Israelites are about to cross the Jordan and that it will happen in three days’ time.
But why was the promise so significant?
The Jordan River is a specific place. It is mentioned over one hundred eighty times in the Old Testament and fifteen times in the New Testament.
It is a place that represents a crossing from the wilderness to the Promised Land. It depicts moving out of uncertainty into a place of resolve and provision.
God has promised some of you things you haven’t seen come to fruition yet. But I want to encourage you that God is moving on your behalf to part the Red Sea. This is the season, and this is the time.

So get ready!

Flowing To Transition

The Jordan River has significant meaning while holding true to the context of its name: flowing down or to descend.
The Jordan is 200 miles long, ranges two to ten feet deep, and is 100 feet wide. Starting 1,000 feet above sea level, it flows into the Red Sea, 1,300 feet below sea level.
I believe there is spiritual significance to this. For you see, God will take you to a place that is so much different than when you started.
Just as the river flowed through various climates, terrains, and elevations, you, too, have and will endure curves, plateaus, dry places, and fertile ground.
God is saying, “I am about to place you and settle you in the place that I have destined for you.”
You are about to cross into the Jordan. Will you prepare, submit and commit to the coming season of favor and blessing?

It’s a new day. It’s time to prepare for your season of transition.

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